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Pole Saw Wheelchair



Welcome to Pole Saw Direct!


A great multi-purpose tool for the homeowner, Pole Saw Direct offers the longest (26 feet tip-to-tip), lightest (7 pounds), and most versatile, manual pole saw available today! We offer a 26-foot, 20-foot, 19-foot, and a 13-foot pole saw, ALL with the same versatility.


Reach and cut those branches that you thought only a tree trimming service could get to! When you purchase ANY of our pole saws you receive an ADDED BONUS – the pole also doubles as a high-quality extension pole that you can use to paint your house, wash windows, change light bulbs, and more. These accessories (and many others) all screw-on to the pole saw pole.

Safely cut branches up to 8 inches in diameter and up to 32 feet high without ever climbing a ladder! Used at hundreds of golf courses and theme parks around the country, the Pole Saw is offered only by the manufacturer, Pole Saw Direct INC

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