Pole Saws

Pole Saw Direct provides expertly made pole saws measuring 26'. Over 10,000 homeowners and businesses have saved hundreds of dollars by trimming their own trees with this unique, manual (no gas or electric) pole saw. Reach and cut branches that you thought only a tree trimming service could get to.  Our pole saw pole doubles as a commercial extension pole thanks to its standard threaded end made of die cast metal. Now you can paint your house, wash windows, pick fruit, change a light bulb, and more with the same pole that you use to trim your trees! Any of our screw-on accessories attach to our pole saws, in addition to any of your own extension poles.  But it gets better, a FREE 16" saw blade is also included with your order. This blade is similar to the commercial blade except for its hooked end. Reach branches up to 31 feet high without ever stepping on a ladder.

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