19-Foot Pole Saw/Tree Pruner

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Pricing includes COMPLETE package: 

  • MAIN POLE: 6' fiberglass pole with (1) telescoping aluminum tube
  • SECONDARY POLE: 6' heavy-duty fiberglass pole that clips to the bottom of the main pole
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum screw-on saw head with a 16" curved no hook blade with nonstick coating to prevent binding

This 19' pole saw features a 6' telescopic pole saw handle, one internal aluminum extension tube, and a quick, heavy-duty locking system. A secondary 6' fiberglass pole "clips" on the bottom of the main pole. The 16" screw-on saw head is made of a heavy-duty cast aluminum with a curved no-hook blade.

Easily remove the saw head to use the telescopic pole for many other tasks. The pole can attach to a brush and other tools to clean awnings, siding, stucco, bricks, and concrete to work as a multi-purpose tool.


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