26-Foot Pole Saw/Tree Pruner

Regular price $199.90

LIMITED TIME OFFER: An extra 16" curved no hook saw blade with nonstick coating is included with your order at NO charge. A $20.00 value

EXTRA BONUS: Quickly remove the red saw head from the pole when finished cutting your high branches and you then have a very nice, ergonomically designed hand saw to cut the limbs that you have cut down. Or, take it with on your next camping trip to cut dead limbs for a campfire. Two nice tools for the price of one!  Don't forget to add a scabbard to your order...protects you and the saw blade when traveling or storing.

 Pricing includes COMPLETE package: 

  • MAIN POLE: 8' yellow fiberglass pole with (2) telescoping aluminum tubes
  • SECONDARY POLE: 6' 6" heavy-duty green fiberglass pole that "clips" to the bottom of main pole..no tools needed.
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum red saw head with a 16" curved premium tri-cut hooked blade

    This is the longest (26 feet), lightest (7 pounds) and most versatile manual pole saw available today! Reach branches up to 31 feet high without ever climbing a ladder! This pole saw is used at hundreds of golf courses, theme parks, and landscape companies around the country. Both poles are made in USA!

    This telescoping pole saw has an 8' smooth fiberglass handle, two internal aluminum extension tubes, and a quick, heavy-duty twist locking system. The tool can telescope to any length from 8' up to 19'..  Each aluminum tube has an internal stopper so the tubes will not come apart. A 6' 6" heavy-duty fiberglass extension is also included to make the overall length a full 26 feet. The 6' 6" extension slides on the bottom of the main pole and clips quickly and securely in place...no tools needed.

    The red saw head is made of a heavy-duty cast aluminum with a big hook for removing cut or dead branches. It slides down over the the threaded end of the pole and is held securely in place with a bolt and wing nut. No tools are needed to attach or remove the saw head from the pole.

    The 16" commercial saw blade has a triple edge cut on each saw tooth and a hook on the saw tip to keep the blade in the cut. This is very useful when cutting a branch that is 20' up or higher. The tool is great for cutting any type of hard wood, soft wood, or palm. You can cut limbs up to 8" in diameter. This saw blade is preferred by the pros.